Message from School

Based on the motto of “Modesty, Sincerity, Diligence and Acumen”, we provide an all-round education in developing the said quality of morality of our students.

We expect our students to be quick in responding with humble, confidence, and diligence; treat others with politeness, care, appreciation and temperance. The school has been promoting “Positive Values” to encourage the students to explore their full character and potential in facing various challenges with enthusiastic and determination while growing up.

Due to the Coronavirus-19, Education Bureau has suspended all in-person classes and school activities until further notice. The school shall stay in touch with the parents closely. All learning materials and news updates shall be shared through GRWTH. We encourage the students to continue learning at home in order to maintain their progress. All on line teaching will continue the “Positive Value” aspect. We wish the students to perform positive values of good attitude, gratitude and determination in their daily lives. The school is supporting the home-based learning with on-line lessons, teaching videos, and other printed learning materials. The class teachers will support the student through telephone interview and follow up.

Under this circumstances, teachers and students both take the opportunities to teach and learn in a new way. By using new technology to seek and search for knowledge with the guidance of parents, both grow with new experiences. Let’s learn to treasure and appreciate what we have learnt and experienced.

In conclusion, the school and teachers are ready for the resumption in-person classes. We wish all parents to work together with the school, playing as important role models that students will grow positively with resilience and temperance. Together, we will overcome the challenge that were brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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