School-Based Curriculum

School Target: Multi -School Base curriculum; Educate all with Modesty, Sincerity, Diligence and Acumen

Enjoyable Learning School Campus

With the motto of ‘Modesty, Sincerity, Diligence and Acumen’, we intend to help students to have a healthy and enjoyable childhood, and help them develop the quality of their morality. We integrate different teaching methods to develop their potentials, using theme-based and project-based approaches as the core, consolidate their learning foundation and improve their self-learning abilities.

Positive Teaching

We value students’ moral development. By using ‘Positive Education’ as the lead, students are able to explore and develop their potentials and grow with positive thinking towards life. The school has used stories together with elements of free play, presentation, role play, and forum theatre to help students embrace positive values and be optimistic imperceptibly, to develop the best character with persistence, caring and courage.

Teaching with Game Fun

Games are indispensable in children’s lives. Teachers design a combination of games that are open, inspiring and fun, to help students learn things around him/her, experiencing the joy of working with others and sharing. Children learn through Games and Play with different combinations of knowledge.

Green Campus gives vigorous

Fung Kai campus is spacious. Students are able to have their small muscles and large muscles training. They can run or jump with their companions by different physical activities. Students learn to explore, discover, experience, and search for different things, and be more sensitive to their environment. These will help their mental and social development.

‘Bi-Literate and Trilingual’

The students are developing their language skills through attempts, exploration and interaction with our Native English Speaking Teachers and Native Putonghua Teachers.

Friday Activities

The school will arrange different activities for the students to enjoy according to the theme of the year including physical activities (running, blowing bubbles, flying kites), language games, self- selection activities, uniform groups, site visits, seminars and celebrations.

Social Worker Service

Our school has joined the Boys and Girls Children Association social worker service. From a “child-oriented” perspective, we organize and implement diversified services and activities to support children and parents with comprehensive education services. We also help children with different needs and problems when learning at home.